Draaisma Consultancy is a reputable detective agency. The company holds all the diplomas and licenses required by law. These licenses have been granted by the Ministry of Justice and Security under POB number 1855.

The company has 23 years of experience within the covert department of the National Police and may put this knowledge to work for you. All tactical and technical methodologies within the investigation are familiar to us. We can use these methodologies, within the set legal frameworks, in our investigations.

Draaisma Consultancy is knowledgeable, reliable and professional. In business operations, care is taken to constantly update knowledge. External experts are consulted and we have our own advisory board. The company has a national and international network.

Draaisma Consultancy is objective and independent in its judgment. It takes a critical and neutral look at the case.

Draaisma Consultancy is transparent in its decision whether or not to conduct research and accounts for this, as well as for the methods used. Insight is provided into the course of the research, without prejudging the conclusions.